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Health Secretary Bestows NHS Champion Title on Esteemed Manchester Physician
Distinguished and highly regarded General Practitioner, Dr Salman Shahid, hailing from Greater Manchester, has been honored with the coveted designation of Local NHS Champion by none other than the Health Secretary.
Middleton Primary Care Network tackles mental health issues in the local community

Dr Salman Shahid has won awards for his community work and aims to help spread awareness on mental health

This Manchester GP surgery team spent Christmas Eve dropping presents off for elderly patients

Dr Salman Shahid and his team went from door to door on December 24; chatting to the community whilst offering support to those who’d recently lost a family member.

Local GP among NHS champions saluted at exclusive Downing Street event
Dr Salman Shahid, a GP from Middleton, has been acknowledged as a Local NHS Champion by Rt Hon Steve Barclay, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.
Rochdale showcases its work to European health leaders
Health officials from Rochdale have revealed the benefits of collaborative working in Greater Manchester to a conference of more than 1,000 delegates in Belgium.
Revealed: The communities which felt the unequal impacts of Covid-19
A new report on the impact on people staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic has found communities in Liverpool which were already experiencing inequality suffered more than others during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Meet one of the unconventional doctor in United Kingdom , An artist and an entrepreneur : Dr Salman Shahid
Today is September 14 and we are incredibly lucky today to have Dr. Salman shahid who is a Clinical director at NHS in England. You may have seen him in a series of live sessions and interviews
Local GP attends exclusive event at 10 Downing Street to celebrate NHS champions
Dr Salman Shahid a GP from Middleton has been acknowledged as a Local NHS Champion by Rt Hon. Steve Barclay, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
Rochdale Road Medical Centre Celebrates the Grand Opening of its Integrated Health and Social Practice in Middleton
It was a day of immense pride for Rochdale Road Medical Centre as Mr. Chris Clarkson, MP for Heywood and Middleton, honored the occasion by officially inaugurating the newly refurbished and expanded GP practice.
Dr. Salman Shahid received Pakistan achievement award for his exemplary work during covid.
11th Pakistan Achievement Award 2021 happened in London on Friday 22nd October. It was attended by several dignitaries and celebrities. This initiative was taken 10 years ago to recognize and acknowledge the contribution of British Pakistanis working in various sectors in Great Britain.
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With Mr Sadiq Khan ( Mayor of London )

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-14 at 10.59.44 PM

With Mr Mike Nithravianakis ( Deputy Consulate General of United Kingdom to Pakistan ) during educational MOU signing between DOGANE and Dow University.

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With Mr Steve Barclay and Mr Chris Clarkson during visit at 10 Downing Street ( Prime Minister House ) and Awarded as Community Champion for Excellent work in Middleton.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 10.29.15 PM

With Mr Chris Clarkson ( MP Middleton & Heywood )

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On Day 1 of COVID 19 Mass vaccination centre inauguration after inoculation of over 1000 patients.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-03 at 6.02.42 AM

During Door to Door gift distribution campaign for those patients who lost their Partners during COVID in 2021

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 10.28.51 PM

With Locality ICB Directorate at HSJ Award winning ceremony in London 2023

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 10.24.16 PM

With Miss Clare Gerada – Ex President of Royal college of General Practitioners. ( RCGP)

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 10.23.20 PM

With Richard Hawkes CEO British Asian Trust ( London)

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-14 at 11.04.45 PM

During ICIC 23 with Rochdale Locality ICB team.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-14 at 11.04.46 PM

Speaking at ICIC 23

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-01 at 10.22.33 PM

At ICIC 23 Conference in Belgium with ICB team.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-14 at 11.04.52 PM

At Inauguration of New building of Rochdale Road Medical Centre in Middleton with Mr Steve Taylor , Mrs Sandra Crossdale, Mr Chris Clarkson and Mr Mo Jiva

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-14 at 10.59.44 PM (3)

After winning 12th British Pakistan Achievement Award 2023 for Community Hero during COVID 19

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