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Posts & Positions

Associate Medical Director Manchester Integrated Care Board NHS England

Dr Salman Shahid has been serving as the Associate Medical Director at the Manchester Integrated Care Board since May 2023. His responsibilities include leading health and care service development in Rochdale, advocating for integrated healthcare pathways, and fostering collaborative decision-making to promote community health and well-being. With a background in hospital medicine and primary care, he has advocated for integrated healthcare pathways and collaborative decision-making. His focus is on promoting community health and well-being through innovative approaches.


Clinical Director – Primary Care Health Centres

Dr Salman Shahid’s is the lead Family Physician – GP at Rochdale Road Medical centre & Cornerstone surgery in Manchester. He has seen over 1 million patients during his 20 years of medical career. He is expert in all form of medical issues with special interest in cardiology ,diabetes and endocrinology, skin issues , aesthetics and challenging mental health issues. He is open for consultation for any medical issues and appointment could be booked through booking page.


Co-Founder Kingsman Care Group


Kingsmann Care Group is a reputable healthcare organisation based in Manchester, United Kingdom, operating since March 2015. With over 9 years of experience, KM has established itself as leaders in the healthcare sector, delivering high-quality services to its clients and patients. Its commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting the healthcare needs of the community drive its mission forward.
Kingsmann Care Group specialise in pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, and GP services including online consultations, and recruitment. Its dedication to excellence is reflected in its provision of top-tier services to patients and customers, addressing their diverse healthcare needs.


Clinical Director Primary Care Network NHSE - Middleton

Dr Salman Shahid served as first Clinical Director of Middleton Primary Care Network till 2022. He spearheaded the integration of clinical care, prioritising the shift towards primary care settings. By fostering robust partnerships with commissioners and the emerging Local Care Organisation, he championed the smooth transition and holistic delivery of healthcare services. His steadfast dedication to enhancing healthcare provision and fostering collaborative solutions exemplifies his commitment to Rochdale Borough community’s evolving needs.

NHS Clinical Leadership (2019-2022)
As Clinical Director at Middleton Primary Care Network within the NHS, Dr Salman has led transformative efforts to redesign primary care health services over three years. Through strategic collaborations with PCN Clinical and Deputy Directors, NCGPA, ICS leaders, Local Authority Commissioners, and Local Medical Committees, we optimised care delivery. Initiatives included a link role for homelessness and asylum seekers, a prescribing safety quality indicator, digital healthcare access promotion, and integration of network pharmacists. These efforts are aimed at enhancing patient outcomes and care quality.
General Practitioner Family Medicine Business Partner and Clinical Lead
Dr Salman Shahid has emerged as a driving force within the NHS, pioneering initiatives to seamlessly integrate mind-body wellness practices into the fabric of healthcare services. Dr. Shahid has orchestrated a shift in clinical care paradigms, emphasising the importance of transitioning from secondary to primary settings. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in orchestrating board meetings and fostering collaborations with local care organisations, ensuring the delivery of financially sustainable and clinically safe integrated care.

Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle ( BFL)

Dr Salman Shahid is the pioneer of forum Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle ( BFL ). This unique concept encompasses all essential healthy living phenomena. Important knowledge is shared. Dr Salman Shahid offer private consultations through this platform.

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